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Free Helpful Bulletins from Graham Hardy and See Tech More Clearly

I provide fairly regular emails to those of my clients for which the information is relevant, offering tips, news or instruction about Windows 10 or other systems. The Bulletins are available here too.

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Current Guides

14 - Windows 10 Buttons & Features (New)

13 - Google Location History

12 - Windows 10 Photos App and Video Editor (Updated)

10 - Windows 10 Mail & Calendar App Settings

07 - Working With PDF Files and Screenshots

09 - What Do All The Tech Words Mean?

04 - Protect Yourself From Cyber Crime

01 - Windows [All Versions] and Microsoft Accounts

Older Guides

11 - Windows 10 October 2018 Update

08 - The Windows 10 April 2018 Update

06 - The Fall Creators Udpate to Windows 10

05 - The Windows 10 Mail App Sliding Panels

03 - The Windows 10 Creators Update

02 - Cortana Gets Useful

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